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New Machines

  • Simple NR Showroom Model

    Special discounted Sale Price
  • 2016 Prisma Maxi Showroom Model

    Special discounted Sale Price
    • 220 V
    • 3-phase



  • 2007 Brevetti C-16 Double Miter Saw (SOLD!)

    Special discounted Sale Price SOLD!

    2007 Brevetti C-16 Double Miter Saw 

    This item has been sold.



  • Taurus BC800 Double Head Underpinner "Big Bully"

    Special discounted Sale Price $7,000

    • A powerful and robust machine

    • Advanced twin heads inserts 2 Bull Cleats simultaneously in same or different sizes

    •  Ensures true stacking & tightest joint with the Taurus patented clamping system.

    •  Additional versatile clamps included to suit customers requirements

    • 4 operating modes available inckuding manual and automatic insertion

    • Head can move for additional positions by the flick of a switch-giving a total of 4 positions

    •  Head adjustable from 15mm too 185mm


These prices are good for the above showroom/demo machines only. Machines are subject to prior sale.  Machine's with warranties are  for replacement of defective mechanical parts.  Digital photos of machines and brochures are available upon request.

Call or email us for additional information on any of the above machines.