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For MORSO, Jyden, Pistorius and other Guillotine Choppers

Since 1998 Tech Mark has provided an excellent knife sharpening service for MORSO brand blades. Around 18 months ago we upgraded our sharpening equipment so that we can now sharpen knives for all Guillotine Choppers. Our service includes a guarantee that blades are hollow ground according to manufacturers' specifications for maximum performance and life of the blades.

Unless the blades are excessively chipped, very little knife material is removed during the sharpening. Our sharpening process is temperature controlled to prevent burning of the blades. {You might inspect your blades for blue or black marks along the sharpened edge. This may indicate that your sharpening service has allowed them to get burned, which eliminates the tempering and compromises the integrity of the blades.}

The turnaround time for sharpening is approximately 48 hours.

We ask that blades are packaged securely in a Styro-Pak or wooden box within a corrugated carton for shipping. For More information, please call us at 501-945-9393.