Moulding Stacker

Moulding Stacker

We believe when you compare the features and construction of the P.A.O. MACC Stacker to others on the market, the P.A.O. MACC Stacker will prove to be the best value for your company.

  • The engineering and proven design of the P.A.O. MACC Stacker attest to its reliability and long life.
  • The sturdy heavy steel construction of the machine makes the total weight for the Two Arm Stacker approximately 2,866 lbs.
  • The P.A.O. MACC Stacker utilizes large motors for a total horsepower consumption of 5.3 Hp.
  • Lifter arms are attached to two 5/8" flexible chains. The maximum profile weight can be 11 lbs per meter of length.
  • The fast operation of the machine allows it to run up to 50 cycles per minute.
  • The unique, heavy steel design of the lift arms insures proper transfer of the moulding from one side of the machine to the other without difficulty.
  • The transfer rollers are chain driven and are conical in shape with the smallest diameter in the center, thus forcing all of the material to be addressed to the lifting arms in a straight line.
  • Once at the top of the machine, the moulding is placed on two small belts that, for the second time, straighten the work piece prior to being picked up by the arms on the downward motion.
  • At the third position, prior to placement on the rack, the work piece is again straightened to ensure that it is at a 90° angle, or perpendicular to the drying arms.
  • The machine utilizes Siemens PLC.
  • This machine can be fitted with logic control for random length material.
  • Machine can be made with three arms.

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