Spray Machine

Spray Machine

P.A.O. MACC Spray Machine


  • Automatic spray machine for use with all types of paint suitable for finishing of linear mouldings.
  • Electronic Siemens PLC Controlled
  • The moulding is transported by 4.75" solvent-resistant conveyor belts with special anular transmission drive.
  • The material feed speed is controlled by a 1 Hp speed variator motor.
  • A computer linked to photoelectric devices controls the activation of each gun in relationship to the feed rate of the material.
  • The computer also calculates the number of feet processed, the number of pieces processed, the feed speed and how long the machine has been running.
  • The cabinet has an easy access hood for quick set-up.
  • Two or more funnel-like nickel plated steel paint deflectors transfer the overspray to holding pails located in a large movable tray in the base of the machine. These deflectors can easily removed and cleaned.
  • The spray unit has its own vacuum system rated at 8,000 cbm per hour. This system forces the over spray under the moulding through the base of the machine and up through a chamber on the back of the machine to vent.
  • The over spray must pass by two baffles and through two filters that stop the solids.
  • The spray guns are fed by one or more twin diaphragm pumps. The atomized air control is independent for each gun.
  • Individual gun controls, air pressure controls, and switches are located on the control panel with the computer.

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