P.A.O. MACC Sander

This machine is unarguably the strongest, most flexible, and most reliable profile sander available.

  • The exclusive P.A.O. MACC material feed (inverted rubber caterpillar track) provides positive grip on the largest and most difficult profiles.
  • Gang adjustable ball bearing side rollers insure all wheels are in a straight line. These guides can be quickly adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  • The machine can be equipped with automatic sanding wheel compensators.
  • P.A.O. MACC offers 4 Hp Servo-sanding motors. The speed can be adjusted from 1 to 1950 RPM making it possible to get maximum use of different types of sanding media for all types of final appearances.
  • A Siemens PLC is used to control all the functions of the machine. Special programs are available, upon request, whereby a sanding wheel can rotate counterclockwise for a specific time; stop; then rotate clockwise, to achieve a special effect.
  • The P.A.O. MACC sander can be configured as a special burring/antiquing machine.
  • The sander can be configured with up to eight (8) sanding heads.
  • The P.A.O. MACC sander is also very cost effective.

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