Heat Embosser

Heat Embosser

P.A.O. MACC New TR1D Heat Embosser


  • The improved design of the PAO Macc Heat Embosser makes it possible to emboss medium to soft hardwoods at feed speeds from 26 — 131 feet per minute.
  • This new machine is recommended for embossing patterns up to 2.5" as it is built on the larger base of the Gesso machine.
  • Siemens PLC
  • Seven drive wheels, including three air-cylinder hold-downs, give maximum pushing power to feed even American hardwoods.
  • The temperature can be infinitely controlled from 0° — 650° C, making it simple to control the depth and color of finish.
  • The base of the machine serves as a reservoir to water-cool the motor and arbor bearings.
  • Equipped with a top/bottom pinch roller drive system
  • The four top rollers engage with air cylinders and are individually adjustable for maximum throughput power.

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