Hot Stamp Foiler

Hot Stamp Foiler


  • This machine is the result of 25 years in production of foil machines that are used throughout the world.
  • Electronic Siemens PLC Controlled
  • An inverted, rubber caterpillar-type feed chain is used to make positive contact with the bottom of the moulding.
  • Each foil head is equipped with two 1,000-watt ceramic heaters.
  • The temperature of the foiling wheel itself is monitored so that if the temperature drops due to heat sink of the moulding, the heaters are automatically adjusted to compensate for the temperature change.
  • All adjustments of the foil spool and take-up spool are done on the front of the heads. In many competing machines, these adjustments must be made on the backside of the foil head fixture.
  • Each head is equipped with an electronic tension device.
  • Each foil head operates on three axes, with a highly accurate micro adjustment.
  • Foil heads are adjustable from 0° to 110°.
  • The foil heads utilize a pneumatic clutch. When the moulding is not under the foil head, the foil lifts off the moulding and the clutch turns the foil wheel so that it will not burn.
  • When the machine is stopped at the end of the day, a device keeps the foil wheels turning automatically for a specific amount of time so they can cool prior to machine shutdown.
  • Side guide wheels feature ball bearings and hard rubber.
  • Two hold-down wheels that are ball bearing type, made with heat resistant rubber and spring loaded with tension adjustment.
  • The machine is equipped with a portable remote control so that each head can be operated remotely as it is set up.
  • The vertical posts that support the foil head are heavy cast-iron with milled dove tale ways for the head movement.

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