Mechanical Compo Machine

Mechanical Compo Machine

Compo Machine - Model PM/B

  • Bulk feed system accepts full can/box (around 7 gallons) of compo
  • Safe recycle system (patent pending) allows up to 80% of excess material to be automatically recycled
  • Positive material feeding system prevents slipping & distortion of patterns
  • Three axis extruder applicator head
  • Three axis embossing head
  • Nickel plated steel catch basin for excess compo material
  • Large auger screw (largest in industry)
  • All unpainted structural parts are of heavy, nickel plated steel
  • Variable speed material feed up to 100 FPM
  • Auger variable speed control
  • Impression head motorized with variable speed control
  • Heavy duty, oversized motor
  • Machine base constructed of heavy steel (Machine Weight = 1764 lbs)
  • Inventory of spare parts and factory trained technician available

Technical Specifications

Machine weight 1764 lbs
Excess material allows up to 80% to be recycled
To load full can approximately 7 gallons
Variable speed up to 100 FPM
Dimensions 5' 7" x 4' 7" x 7' 2"

Compo Machine - Model PM/L

Building on the design basics of the PM/B machine, PAO Macc has created a longer machine to accept wider moulding. This machine is ideal for decoration of architectural millwork.
Machine weight 2550 lbs
Excess material allows up to 80% to be recycled
Variable speed up to 100 FPM
Dimensions 7' 8" x 4' 7" x 5' 6"

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