AUT 2100

Brevetti Motta AUT 2100

Electro-pneumatic joining machine with automatic cycle for clamping and inserting conic steel nails, available in coils and in different sizes according to the height of the mouldings. This machine is suitable for assembling any kind of frames: square, hexagonal, octagonal and dodecagonal. Machine supplied in two versions: 1) a version with nailing unit type UNI to use indifferently nails on coils type VM (for soft and not too hard woods) and type NR (for hard and very hard woods and compacted materials such as MDF), and 2) a version with nailing unit type NR to use nails on coils type NR (for hard-very hard woods and for compact materials as MDF). These two versions are interchangeable. Possibly to insert nails automatically in up to 10 different preset positions along the base of the moulding, to stack up to 4 nails in each position, and to memorize different working programs. The special electronic control box can be easily used by the operator to select or modify the working program and to check all movements of the machine. Electronic control with touch screen, 3 working speeds. Sound level: LAeq < 73.1 dB (A).