Foil for Graphic application

Giusto Manetti Battiloro presents its range of products for the printing industry and for paper.

Always attentive to customer needs and market trends, the collection of graphic products is constantly enriched with series for specific or technologically innovative applications.

A range of products specifically designed to meet the needs and applications in the industry:

  • Products for paper and plastic coated PP. PET. PVC, PE, PET
  • Products laid papers and self-adhesive labels on reels
  • Products for painted cards with water-based inks
  • Products for high speed applications
  • Films for printing on surfaces treated with UV
  • Over-printable films
  • Films for printing on treated skin

Large also the proposed colors and effects:

  • Gold and matt or gloss silver
  • metallic colors
  • prismatic effects
  • transparent lacquers
  • pastel solid colors or opaque
  • Over-printable films
  • Golds and a silver design

Other items:
- Frames    - Profiles    - Lamination    - Components MDF    - Encoding